Infini Production was founded by Chicago native, Ametra Self in May 1991. Ametra wrote and began directing and producing her first movie Clean Heart under the company. 


In 1997, Ametra became a Certified TV producer for CAN TV and is when she began Producing television shows under Infini Productions. 


In 2001, Ametra opened doors to a physical location in Riverdale, Illinois where they would produce live performances and hold classes in performing arts. She added the branch INFINI Entertainment Company.


In 2005, Ametra added another branch in the company. INFINI Promoters started off promoting Self Published Authors. Each year, she distributed awards to winners of The INFINI Awards. 


In 2007, Ametra was hired to work behind the scenes of a film starring Robert Townsend, Angela Bassett and Victoria Rowell. This gave her better insight on producing movies and in 2008, she wrote, directed and produced her first movie It Takes a Village. The film grew popular within the community because she touched on the topic of suicide in preteens no one wanted to discuss.  It Takes a Village was selected and screened  at the ICE Cinema Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Multiple media platforms came out to cover the Q & A session immediately following a screening.  Hosted by Rejoice 102.3 FM Radio Personality Darryl King, Ametra was soon broadcasting on the radio under Infini Radio. 


Since 2008, INFINI entertainment has produced multiple movies, short films, web series and cable television series.  

In 2010, she created the Biblical game show Just Say the Word, which aired on multiple platforms in Chicago, New York and scheduled to air in Los Angeles.  Always ahead of her time, INFINI was one of the first to publish a digital magazine and online radio show.  Ametra has a history of tapping into areas unheard of that soon came to pass. 


From 2012 to 2014, Infini Ent became a contractor for the South Holland Community Center, teaching kids and teens musical theater and filmmaking. We produced 11 musicals and held two film festivals. 


In 2016, INFINI entertainment would produce its very first musical, collaborated by Ametra and her son, Kendall Devin Bell, that was originally written for the screen. The musical title Pink Princess made its debut at The DuSable Museum and held performances for student field trips at Prairie State College and Stage 773.  After its 2017 run, INFINI began making preparations for the 2020 show at The Chicago Theater, followed by a tour.  INFINI was also in the process of filming the sequel to It Takes a Village when the pandemic hit. As mentioned before, INFINI was always ahead of the time and was able to adapt to the impact from the coronavirus pandemic. Ametra had already started a work from home of the company years ago. She was able to immediately switch up to digital and during the pandemic, INFINI ent was able to produce new episodes of the original talk show Elevate, monthly issues of INFINI Magazine.  In addition, INFINI had created a Roku TV App in 2017. The pandemic now around, Ametra knew that was the time to relaunch where society will understand.  InfiniStream was launched on Roku and Amazon Fire on December 5, 2020. 

In May 2021, Ametra would launch INFINI TV Network, which is a Live TV network with 25 channels. This gives creatives an opportunity to showcase their videos, tv shows, movies and programs under the INFINI TV Network. INFINI also offers a wide variety of services and covers just about every category in the entertainment industry. I’m celebrating its 30th year, Ametra hopes to fulfill her first goal dated back since 1991 and that was to open her very own TV & Film Production Studio. “After spending 30 years juggling from place to place to produce, it would be a great delight and a heavy burden lifted if I can finally have a place where I produce quality content for TV, Film, Stage, Music and the literary world.”  Infini has a plan, now Infini just need a place.” Ametra hoped to secure a location by fall 2021, unfortunately by then she was diagnosed with a form of cancer. During treatment, she lost access to her one channel streaming platform. Once learned of her medical condition, she was given a brand new live 24/7 linear style platform and relaunched on June 1, 2022 and is currently running on Roku TV’s all over the world. INFINI TV Network also stream most programs live on it’s official website. This option is great for individuals who do not own a Roku TV or without access. It is free to submit content and Infini TV Network also offer monetization for content creators interested in membership.  To learn more on how to get started, email